What is Centralized HVAC Design?

All HVAC designs performed by a single organization using a single company standard to meet all mechanical and energy code requirements

The Perfect Storm that Causes Bad Designs

Today’s production home builders build a much better home today as compared to 2, 5, 10 years ago. Unfortunately, most contractors have not updated their design practices to meet the needs of today’s production home builders which has created a perfect storm.

Shifting Landscape

  • Rapidly changing energy codes
  • Building enclosures have become more energy efficient

• Better windows

• Enhanced air tightness Strategies

• Additional insulation

  • Outdated Design Practices by Contractors

Poor HVAC Design Practices

  • Causes of Poor Designs

• Rule of thumb rather than engineering calculations

• No repeatable process with poor or no quality control

• “Expertise” based on isolated experience

• No process improvement or dedicated design staff

  • Results of a bad design

  • Cost more to install-stop paying for oversized equipment

  • Unhappy customers with more complaints and higher operating systems

  • Increased call backs

  • Increased warranty claims

  • Reputation cost

  • Potential lawsuits

Pay More

  • Results of a Wrightsoft central design

  • Lower cost of installation

    • Lower Cost of Equipment with properly sized equipment
    • Lower Cost of duct and secondary HVAC material cost
  • Improved customer satisfaction

    • Fewer callbacks
    • Lower utility bills
    • Increased reputation
  • Reduced legal risk

  • Lower HERS score

    • Cost Savings to operating the house
  • Lower warranty costs

Pay a Little Now

Why Choose Wrightsoft Centralized Design Services?

Single Point of Control

  • Combine Corporate and field knowledge with HVAC and Energy Codes into one company standard
  • Knowledge is included in all designs/plans
  • Value Engineer
  • Central control
  • Designs are controlled by production home builders not HVAC installer
  • No artificial influences- focus on doing them right

Concentrated Expertise

  • Ability to add new changes easily
  • Deep understanding of best practices and concentrated code expertise
  • Integration with other disciplines -example structural to eliminate field collision mistakes
  • Maximum efficiency for replacing design cost
  • Automated design and quality control


  • Improved Consistent quality
  • Reduction and/or elimination of mistakes
  • Improved Productivity- Economies of Scale
  • Repeatable installation procedures
  • Designs are standard but flexible
  • Improved cost Management
  • Reusable templates
    • Same House Same system
    • Create plans in advance

Unparalleled design service for the production home builder market.

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