Highly Sought-After Partners

Wrightsoft® is an industry leading technology company due to our unique standing as both experts in HVAC & energy software and as industry experts. It is this combination that makes us a sought-after partner for software solutions and industry research and development and enables us to provide exclusive design services to production home builders.

Research and Development Partners

  • ACCA (Air Condition Contractors of America)– ACCA selects Wrightsoft in 1984 an exclusive technical partner (18 years) to make computerized version of Manual J, later Manual D and D. Wrightsoft continues today as technical advisor on new methods and Corporate Partner
  • ASHRA- Wrightsoft develops (authors) ASHRAE Research Projects:
    • ASHRAE 1199- Develop ASHRAE residential heat balance method for heating and cooling load calculations that includes updating ASHRAE handbook of Fundamentals Chapter on residential load method.
    • ASHRAE 1311- Developed ASHRAE method for improving load calculations for window glazing and shading devices including providing new procedures and data for calculating solar heat gain for both fenestration and fenestration shading.
    • ASHRAE 1383- Developed ASHRAE method and radiant system module for simulation and analysis of spaces and systems providing analysis that allows for calculation and display comfort conditions at any point in room.
  • California Energy Commission
    • Author of rules and Rules Engine to certify for residential and commercial buildings for compliance with Title 24 Energy Code CBECC-RES and CBECC-Comm.
    • Author of advanced house California Simulation Engine (CSE), 8760 hour energy simulation program for residential code compliance in Title 24.
    • Compare CEC HERS rating for existing buildings with the national RESNET rating method and also DOE’s Home Energy Score Asset Rating method.
    • Enhance CBECC’s Residential capabilities for development of the 2016 Standards and future existing building efficiency ratings program.
  • US Department of Energy
    • Implement and adapt CEC CBECC-COMM rules engine to determine compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 for Commercial Buildings in Energy Plus.
    • Updated Energy Plus to use ASHRAE 1311 method (written by Wrightsoft) to improve window calculations and fenestration with shading devices calculations.

Technical Trade Partners

  • ACCA- Exclusive technical software partner for 18 years
  • CEC- Right-Energy Title 24 Residential New Construction approved software
  • RESNET-Right-Energy IECC approved Software
  • HRAI- Canadian Loads and Duct approved software
  • ASHRAE- Commercial Loads and Duct software
  • RPA- Radiant in-floor design software
Technical Trade Partners

OEM Equipment Manufacturers

  • Wrightsoft Partners with all the major equipment manufactures and is considered the vendor of choice to develop customized solutions.

Unparalleled design service for the production home builder market.

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