Wrightsoft’s technology vision and solutions are powered by expert software developers who are recognized by the industry as experts in HVAC and energy. This rare combination powers Wrightsoft’s solutions:

Bill Wright

President and Founder of Wrightsoft®

Bill is considered the grandfather of HVAC design software and calculation methods. He is recognized as industry expert writing over 20 published papers, speaking at industry events and a technical consultant speaking in court and developing industry code methods. Prior to starting Wrightsoft, Bill founded Cambridge Energy Corporation and worked as the technology development Director at Northeast Solar Energy Center. Bill graduated from MIT in Cambridge and taught HVAC System design at MIT and Mechanical engineering courses at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Chris Edgren

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Chris is responsible to guide the vision and execution of the Company’s sales, marketing, business development and support activities. Chris has been leading Wrightsoft’s relationships with customers of all sizes and types for over 15 years, and in that time, he has become expert at the top level and drill-down level for major needs of customers. Chris has an excellent understanding of the technical issues in HVAC design tools and has designed support services and training for our customers.

Michael Shnitman

VP of Software Development

Michael is the primary architect and hands-on team leader of development for Right-Suite Universal’s 22 modules, mobile suite of products, Right-CAD, Auto-CAD interface as well as our proprietary production home builder solution.   In addition to being an expert in software development, Michael has unique understanding of HVAC industry having worked as a HVAC Designer that includes on-site inspections and interfacing daily with architectural, structural and electrical departments. Michael is considered a master programmer placing him in top 1% of all programmers after graduating from Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, one of Russia’s top technical schools.

Chip Barnaby

Vice President of Research

Chip supervises and performs modeling and related software development work at Wrightsoft and as an industry consultant. His technical expertise is software implementation of loads and energy calculation models for both residential and commercial applications, weather data and HVAC equipment models. Chip is recognized as an industry expert, serving as a technical advisor to ACCA, as an ASHRAE chair and member on numerous ASHRAE committees (Energy Calculation Chair, Weather information Chair, TC-4.1 Loads calculation data and procedure member, Standard representation of performance simulation data for HVAC&R Chair, SCPC documenting HVAC&R work process and data exchange requirements Chair, BIM Member) and International Builder Performance Simulation Association as VP, US affiliate President, Treasurer and Board Member and has published and presented over 45 industry papers.