Wrightsoft is the Recognized Industry leader in HVAC Design and Energy Software

Wrightsoft® is located in Lexington, Massachusetts and was founded in 1984 by Bill Wright. The company was created when ACCA selected Bill to develop a computerized version of Manual J 7. Over the years, Wrightsoft® has expanded its software portfolio to include Right-Suite Universal, Right-Mobile Consultant and Right-J Mobile.

Today Wrightsoft® is recognized as the industry leader in HVAC design and energy software with over 15,000 active companies and 44,000 users of our solutions. Wrightsoft® is the only company that integrates residential and commercial HVAC and energy software into a single solution.

Wrightsoft focuses on three main segments:

  • Software

    Right-Suite Universal, Right-Mobile Consultant and Right-J Mobile

  • Design Services for Production Home Builders

  • Industry Research and Development

Unparalleled design service for the production home builder market.

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